Sporttip winner wins 90,000 francs from a national team game

A man from Switzerland was right twice in a Sporttip bet for the European Championship games on Monday and won 90,000 francs.

A football fan was able to cheer twice on Monday. Not only did the Swiss national team win the European Championship game, but also the fan himself – with a Sporttip bet. In the betting game, the lucky winner had exactly predicted the European Championship game results after 90 minutes, namely 3:3 in the Spain-Croatia and France-Switzerland duels.

The Sporttip player had bet nine francs on both game results and achieved odds of 100 twice. This results in the calculation: 9 francs x

100 x 100 – a winning total of 90,000 francs! Swisslos confirms the win to Blick.

Sporttip player is already cheering before the penalty shootout

He already knew about his partial success at the Swiss national team game, the Sporttip winner, who wants to remain anonymous, tells Blick. In the Switzerland game, he was hoping above all to qualify for the quarter-finals: “I had my bet in the back of my mind.”

At least until it is a draw after regular playing time: “That was the first time I cheered!” That’s understandable – after all, the fan hit the bull’s eye with his bet in this game too. “The next day I went to the sales point with my siblings to claim the winning receipt,” he says.

“I don’t want to waste the money straight away”

The money was transferred to the winner, who works in the real estate industry, on Friday. And what does he do with it? “I still have to think about that carefully. I don’t want to spoil it right away.”

The football fan also placed his Sporttip bets for the quarter-final games between Switzerland and Spain and Belgium and Italy. And here too he expects a draw in both games – 2:2 – after regular time. (

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